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Getting Real About Alcohol and Your Skin

In pursuit of flawless skin, we sample countless moisturizers, serums, and creams. We splurge on elaborate facials, and religiously gulp expensive bottles of purified water. Yet, an ultra-simple and often ignored fix has been staring us in the face all the while. The answer is giving up alcoholic beverages (just kidding) or drinking them in moderation. Drinking alcohol in moderation is key for healthy looking and feeling skin.

Of course, we’ve long been aware that alcohol is far from a health-boosting elixir. But with the holiday season fast approaching, for many of us, the counsel to ‘be of good cheer’ usually results in increased consumption of typical crowd pleasers like Margaritas, Martinis, and Merlot. Before we take that next drink, let’s talk about the impact those tasty spirits can have on our skin. Listed below are some of the skin issues those pretty, festive libations in our glasses can bring. Brace yourself. The not-so-pretty facts may shake and stir you.

Puff the Magic Dragon

Last night’s sparkling liquors may temporarily lift our spirits, but that feeling is quickly diminished when the bathroom mirror reveals the inflammatory havoc alcohol wreaked on our bodies while we slept. Drinking causes our insides to become inflamed. This inevitably shows up in the form of dark circles, undereye bags, redness, and facial puffiness. This is not a good look.

The Dehydration is Real

Alcohol is a diuretic and it’s seriously dehydrating. Who doesn’t love a good margarita? But if we’re going to have one or two, let’s skip the salted-rim because it can further add to dehydration. It forces the water from our bodies, and it also makes it more difficult to rehydrate afterward. We’re left with dry, flaky skin, and fine lines. Wrinkles can also be more visible due to the lack of moisture. That’s just one chilling correlation between alcohol and our skin. The good news is ClarityMD offers Transformation Face Cream. It’s a patented formula that advances healing and repair to prevent and reduce visible signs of aging skin. It provides superb moisture, too.

Breakout of Dull Complexions

White wine and cocktails tend to be especially high in sugar. Overindulging, too often, can result in skin breakouts and discoloration. The sugar in alcohol can actually crystallize the skin cells, causing them to become less supple, dulling the rosy glow of our complexion.

Alcohol Disturbs the Gut

Alcohol can reduce healthy levels of the vital bacteria that live in our gut called the microbiome. The microbiome regulates our immune system, which helps to manage inflammatory skin disorders such as rosacea and eczema. A healthy gut equals healthier skin.

But, a Drink is a Drink is a Drink, Right?

Actually, not all drinks are created equal. If we want to preserve our youthful complexions and allow ourselves a few drinks, we’d be better off choosing a nice red wine over a cold beer or an alluring cocktail. Why? Because red wines contain resveratrol, a strong antioxidant that delivers anti-aging benefits.

In truth, the best way to nurture and preserve a fresh, dewy glow is to take an honest look at our alcohol consumption and moderate accordingly, even during the holidays. Contact ClarityMD, the top Indianapolis skin rejuvenation center, for advice and the best selection of skincare products. We are passionate about helping clients feel good about themselves and the skin they are in.


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