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Help us bring hope to kids and families this holiday!

This holiday season, ClarityMD is partnering with Children's Bureau and Families First to make the holidays a little brighter for a deserving family.

If you would like to make a cash donation, click here.

Below is some information about the family and suggestions for gifts. If you would like to purchase a gift, please stop by the spa or call us. You can choose an ornament from our giving tree to purchase an item for one of our sponsor family members. Please deliver all gifts unwrapped to ClarityMD by December 13. Please include a post-it on each gift with the name of recipient. We're also collecting money to donate a grocery gift card to the family.

About the Family

Mom, Dad, and their three daughters (ages 9, 14, and 15) continue to grow closer and stronger together. Like all relationships, Mom and Dad are facing issues that are tough to get through, but they remain committed to each other. The parents and their daughters show their resiliency as they continue to be positive and supportive to one another. The parents are doing everything they can to overcome their recent challenges and keep the family together.



This teenager is the older of three sisters (age 15). She can be shy, but is very smart, has excellent grades, and enjoys being involved in extra curriculum activities. She is responsible, considerate, and respectful to her parents and is supportive to her younger sisters. She enjoys sewing and designing.

Gift Suggestions for Guadalupe

  • Clothing: Dress shirts, vests, and pants. She is in need of jeans because she grew out of hers. She is size "M" for adult women and 11 in jeans size. She is a size 9 in shoes. The clothes can be purchased at any clothing store such as Old Navy or H&M. Suggested amount to spend - $50.

  • Sketchbook - Suggested amount to spend is $25.

  • Fabric and sewing tools - Suggested amount to spend is $30.



This young teen is the middle child in the family ( age 14). She has excellent grades and is very respectful and responsible. She likes to draw, paint, and participates in music, band, and other school activities. She is also supportive and helpful to her sisters.

Gift Suggestions for Jennifer

  • Books: Any graphic novel that is appropriate for a 14-year-old - Suggested amount to spend is $25.

  • Guinea Pig Treats - Suggested amount to spend is $10.

  • Clothing: Child is in need of shirts, jackets, belts, shoes and gloves. She is a size small in women's and size 7 in shoes. Suggested amount to spend is $65.



Emily is the youngest out of three girls (age 9). She is sweet, respectful, and helpful to her family. She has excellent grades in school, is creative and especially likes math.

Gift Suggestions for Emily

  • Emily loves Peppa Pig and would love any Peppa pig toy. Suggested amount to spend is $50.

  • She loves coloring and having cool supplies such as coloring pencils, color pages, and fun items. Suggestion: Arts and crafts markers with case and scratch paper art. Suggested amount to spend is $40.

  • Clothing: It can be pants, shirts, or sweaters. Child is a size 14-16 or x-large in children sizing. Favorite colors are pink and blue. Suggestion: Butterfly graphic t-shirt or Leggings. Suggested amount to spend is $50.


Children’s Bureau, Inc. is a private nonprofit that serves children and families who need help to overcome the challenges that sometimes lead to unhealthy behaviors and threaten a child’s well-being.

  • Prevent: Empower families with professional support and community resources to eliminate issues that lead to entry into the child welfare system.

  • Intervene: Work with families who find themselves in the “system” to accomplish the required goals to keep their children.

  • Protect: Recruit and strengthen foster and adoptive homes.

  • Support: Mentor older youth transitioning from foster care to independent living.

To learn more about the important work happening at Children's Bureau, Inc., click here.


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