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In Her Beauty Bag: Featuring Ally Peters

The everyday beauty bag, for most women, is worth its weight in gold. As the keeper of secrets, it’s that invaluable, much-trusted companion she will never leave home without. Today, we coaxed our own beauty expert, Ally Peters, to open her bag and divulge some of the treasured beauty secrets hidden there.

ClarityMD: What’s your name and what do you do at ClarityMD?

Ally: My name is Ally Peters. I’m a licensed medical aesthetician.

ClarityMD: What exactly is a medical aesthetician?

Ally: A medical aesthetician is an esthetician who works under a doctor and has access to medically based treatments such as lasers and injectables.

ClarityMD: What is your favorite makeup or skincare product ClarityMD carries and why?

Ally: Brightenex 1% because it absorbs deep into the skin, brightens hyperpigmentation and evens skin color and tone. It also has great anti-aging benefits and helps protect the skin from future damage.

ClarityMD: What is your favorite skincare tip?

Ally: My best advice for clients is to wear sunscreen every single day! Sunscreen protects against premature aging and keeps the skin barrier healthy. So sunscreen every day…not just in the summertime.

ClarityMD: OK Ally, let’s close your beauty bag for a second. Tell me about your favorite ClarityMD treatment. What is it, and why is it your favorite?

Ally: My favorite ClarityMD treatment, hands down, is the PICO Genesis. It not only targets unwanted pigment such as sun spots and melasma, but it gives your skin an all over bright and healthy glow!

Clarity MD: What about lipsticks? What are your preferences?

Ally: Matte for sure! I love Stila Stay All Day Liquid in Patina. I prefer liquids, and Stila cosmetics has the best liquid lipsticks. They don’t smudge!

ClarityMD: Do you use eyeliner? And if so, do you prefer a liquid, pencil or gel, and why?

Ally: I prefer gel liners because they don’t smudge. I apply them with a MAC 263 brush for a nice sharp wing.

ClarityMD: What’s your go-to makeup brand?

Ally: Loreal True Match Foundation is a must-have.

ClarityMD:  What’s so great about this foundation?

Ally: It’s lightweight with great coverage, and it’s not cakey.

ClarityMD: How has your makeup bag changed since you were in your 20s?

Ally: It really hasn’t changed that much. I’ve just gotten into more high-end brands.

ClarityMD: Who is your favorite beauty icon, and why?

Ally: Manny MUA. He’s such a humble and funny beauty influencer.

ClarityMD: Finally, what advice would you give to your 16-year-old self?

Ally: Stop over-plucking your eyebrows.

So the theme of Ally’s beauty bag appears to be smudge-proof cosmetics with staying power and scrupulous attention to treating and protecting the skin. She stresses the importance of sunscreen as a non-negotiable must in our everyday beauty routine. With this quick peek in her bag, Ally has us better equipped for the ongoing task of putting our best face forward. We’ll be back next month with a brand new edition of In Her Beauty Bag.


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