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In Her Beauty Bag: Featuring Deanna Loutner

We are full-swing into Fall, so it’s time to check in with one of our knowledgeable aestheticians, Deanna Loutner, to see what she keeps in her beauty bag. From the best SPF to eyeshadows for the season, Deanna gives us the 411 on a polished look that’s healthy for the skin. Get excited because it’s time to peek in an aesthetician’s beauty bag.

ClarityMD: Which beauty product do you refuse to leave the house without?

Deanna: It’s definitely my SkinMedica Essential Defense Mineral Shield. It’s a great everyday SPF with tint.

ClarityMD: It must be a great product if you as an aestheticians use it! Can you explain to us what an esthetician does?

Deanna: We educate people on how to care for their skin. I perform laser and skin care services and recommend products that will help patients reach their goals.

ClarityMD: Skin is your life (well, career)—what’s your favorite skincare tip?

Deanna: Always wear vitamin C! Free radicals are the second cause of aging skin. C-ESTA

is my favorite.

ClarityMD: Speaking of great skin products, what’s your favorite makeup or skincare product that ClarityMD carries? Why are you addicted?

Deanna: Exfoliating Cleanser 20 because it cleans my face and is exfoliating.

ClarityMD: Once it starts getting chilly, eyeshadows seem to start showing up. What eyeshadow colors do you use?

Deanna: For Fall and Winter, bronze and mauve are my favorite eyeshadows. I’m also a fan of using a wet angled brush with my darker shadows for a liner.

ClarityMD: Do you have a favorite makeup brand?

Deanna: I like so many brands; I just can’t pick a favorite!

ClarityMD: What’s the newest addition to your beauty bag, and why did you choose it?

Deanna: Coola SPF 50. I actually discovered it through my FabFitFun box.

ClarityMD: On the thrifty side of the beauty bag, are there any drugstore brands you like?

Deanna: NYC lip gloss—It has a lot of pigment and has real staying power.

ClarityMD: Staying on the topic of lips, how do you keep them plump and soft during these colder months?

Deanna: The Smooth and Plump lip system from SkinMedica. It’s super hydrating!

ClarityMD: As we lose sunlight and it gets colder, are there any beauty pick-me-up’s you’d recommend to others?

Deanna: Definitely the Genesis Treatment. It heats the skin up to stimulate collagen. When you’re done, it feels like you’ve been to the beach!

ClarityMD: Who’s your beauty icon? Who’s that person who just epitomizes beauty in your opinion?

Deanna: Kate Moss. She has a very simple look and is a natural beauty.

ClarityMD: It seems like she hasn’t changed in over twenty years! Speaking of, has your beauty bag changed since you were in your 20s? If so, how?

Deanna: I never really wore makeup until my 30s. Now mascara and lipstick is a must.

ClarityMD: And finally, what beauty advice would you give your 16-year-old self?

Deanna: I’d say what everyone says—WEAR SUNSCREEN!

Thank you, Deanna, for giving us your autumnal advice for great skin and natural beauty! If you’re looking to treat yourself this Fall, take Deanna’s cue and book a  Genesis Treatment to get your glow on for the holidays! Until then be well, wear sunscreen, and we will see you soon for our next In Her Beauty Bag!


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