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Meet our Bride Ambassador, Kate!

Hello everyone!

I am thrilled to be named the ClarityMD Bride Ambassador and share my skincare journey with you. My big day is in November of this year and I am so excited to have the ClarityMD team in my corner!

Now about my skin. I would describe it as being fair, burning easily, tanning minimally, and being combination dry/oily. I, like so many others, struggle with maintaining a steady daily skincare routine. Working in the medical field, I have to have a routine that doesn't take multiple hours on a weekly basis. I need simple and effective. My problem areas are my t-zone and fine lines on my forehead.

With all that said, the vision I have for my wedding day look would best be described as "elegantly glowing". I know I am in good hands with the skincare experts at ClarityMD. I am so excited to see what they recommend and, of course, the end result!

I will be posting monthly leading up to my big day. I hope my experience inspires you to feel your best on your big day as well!

-Follow Kate and her countdown to stunning every month.


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