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Post Covid-19 ClarityMD Protocol

Patient Protocol

  • All staff, including the front desk staff, will be wearing face masks, in addition, aestheticians will be wearing gloves and protective eyewear..

  • Staff temperatures will be taken daily. If any team member is showing signs of illness, they will be instructed to stay home.

  • Patients appointments will be spaced farther apart to allow for a thorough sterilization of the treatment room, aesthetic equipment and any lasers/machines utilized.

  • Patients will be asked to have some form of payment on file to use for their appointment or any additional purchases. This will eliminate/reduce contact with the front desk staff.

  • Pens needed for patient forms will be sanitized after each use.

  • Patients must call to schedule appointments. Online booking will not be an option to allow staff to properly space appointments, allowing for thorough sterilization in between patients.

Day of Appointment

  • Scheduled patients will call from their car when they arrive for their appointment.

  • The front desk will check them in.

  • Once the aesthetician is ready to begin the treatment, the front desk will call the patient and meet them at the front door to the entrance of the building.

  • The front desk associate will take the patient's temperature and ask them to sign a COVID Release document.

  • If the patient is showing signs of illness, they will be asked to reschedule.

  • Once the patient is cleared they will be greeted by their provider and taken to the treatment room.

Cleaning Protocol

  • Treatment rooms and common areas (lobby, guest bathroom, etc.) will be on a routine cleaning schedule that utilizes hospital grade products and exceeds CDC guidelines.

  • All linens and towels will be changed in between patients.

  • In addition to our rigorous closing sanitization procedures, our nightly cleaning crew will continue to use Virucide that is approved by the CDC to kill viruses on flat surfaces. We will also be utilizing an Electrostatic Disinfecting Treatment on a regular basis.

Retail Space

  • Products will continue to be displayed. However, if a product is touched and not purchased it will be placed in a plastic bin where it will be sanitized by the front desk staff before it is restocked.

  • All magazines, brochures and testers will be removed from the common area.

  • We will have the testers and brochures in an easily accessible area for the staff.


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